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About the i Platform


The i Platform is a web-based computing platform. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and performs the tasks of these traditional platforms, as well as of mobile platforms. But because it is built with web 3.0 technology, the i Platform offers a level of functionality that far exceeds what machine-based platforms can offer.

People can use the i Platform to travel the network, participate in real-time communications and collaborations, create assets and make money, conduct commerce and research, or participate in global decisions-making and actions.

Within the i Platform,  information and applications are joined together on a collaborative canvas. In order to provide this level of functionality, Rational Data has developed multiple technologies, such as mining and post-processing of information, and has produced myriad applications, services and utilities.

To accomplish its mission, Rational Data has created an industry model that manufactures the components found in the i Platform —  and in parallel, also provides the components to populate the Rational Data Network. The combination of our production lines, guide services, certification programs, frameworks, and networks or third-party development partners, forms the overall industry model.

Each production line in the Rational Data infrastructure is designed to support elements in the i Platform or the network.




The i platform provides an integrated web-based system that can be accessed via Windows, Mac, Linux or Rational Data's own Tangerine operating systems. For a complete list of operating systems and browsers go here.

* Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Mac and Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Incorporated.

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